Robbery Madness 2 Mod APK 2.2.2 (Unlimited Money)
Robbery Madness 2 Mod APK 2.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

Robbery Madness 2 Mod APK 2.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - August 8, 2022
Name LMHMOD Robbery Madness 2
Category Adventure
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Marek Klvaňa
Size 61MB
Version 2.2.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 8, 2022 (4 months ago )

Robbery Madness 2 Mod is a fun game to test your theft skills. You will play a funny middle-aged guy who has just started his job as a thief. He has to steal the requested things from the boss to earn the bonus. Help him safely overcome dozens of enemies from security cameras to patrols, guards, and even smart robots. Go to the supermarket, explore its nooks and crannies and grab what’s most valuable. Your thief has no special skills, except that he knows how to hide in the dark. So play with tactics, not with muscles. Just move him and deploy clever hiding plans. Countless funny situations will bring you joy.

Download Robbery Madness Mod – Become a talented thief

This is the game where you can become a thief. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? And this game really makes gamers happy for hours with dozens of funny action levels. It has multiple difficulty modes to play and allows you to unlock new areas and enemies as you level up. So play hard to be the most talented thief in the city to go everywhere and spread fear among the guards and shop owners. Although you must submit to a boss, you can act freely on your own terms. Find and steal the best ones to put them in your inventory instead of giving them back to the boss. But do not be subjective, you do not know that everywhere you go there is surveillance.


Looking for the most valuable items

The first place you can go is a shopping mall. It is quite a large center covering many different areas. Each area contains its own unique items, be it clothes, food, household items, statues, phones, electronics, and more. If you get them, you can make a lot of money from the boss. However, look for the higher value items for the bigger the bonus. But do you have any plans to steal? Initially, your thief doesn’t have any weapons or tools at hand. He is alone and quite clumsy in every action. Therefore, you need to guide him to implement an effective theft plan.

If there is nothing in hand, hiding is the wisest plan. Hide in restrooms, hidden corners of shopping malls, or anywhere there’s no traffic. When the time is right, you can go out and search for items and put them in your backpack. However, be alert to your surroundings at all times. You can find security guards on patrol, security cameras in every corner, and even the craziest robots. The most powerful thing is of course the robot, they move around the mall and can end you at any time. But sometimes, they are quite stupid and can reveal some good suggestions for you. Listen to them and find the enemy’s loopholes to gain an advantage.


Unlock new unique areas

Over time, Robbery Madness 2 Mod gives you access to many new areas. There you can find more unique things to increase your winnings. You can also take advantage of the terrain to hide and the tools available to use. However, the new area will have a new type of terrain, requiring your flexibility in moving. Moreover, you will have to encounter new enemies. There are three difficulty modes to choose from easy, normal, and hard. If you play on hard mode, you will encounter a group of high-class special forces robots. Among them, the Robot Devil is extremely difficult to confront. New locations are also gradually revealed, giving you access to secret rooms and unprecedented treasures.


Funny and lovely cartoon design

The game will make every player sympathetic from the first time with its fun cartoon design. It simulates the mall quite vividly and realistically. Besides, the images of tools, equipment, furniture, and characters are equally realistic. Funny robots are the most addictive as they can do everything from singing to dancing, talking, and of course fighting. In addition, with a first-person perspective, you can see everything visually. This perspective gives a real immersive feeling.

So, if you want to know what a thief will do, Robbery Madness 2 Mod is the place to be. You can explore different areas of the mall with your stealth and hiding abilities. Don’t hesitate to take away valuable treasures while keeping the thief safe. Guards, robots, and more will create exciting challenges in your theft journey.

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