Rogue Hearts Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Level, Damage, HP)
Rogue Hearts Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Level, Damage, HP)

Rogue Hearts Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Level, Damage, HP)

By TT - August 8, 2022
Name LMHMOD Rogue Hearts
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Ninetail Games
Size 168MB
Version 1.6.8
MOD Features Menu, Level, Damage, HP
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 8, 2022 (4 months ago )

Rogue Hearts Mod is a roguelike role-playing game with a typical dungeon setting. Now you can enjoy a complete adventure with a well-rounded story and a rich context system. You will play as an ancient warrior with a thirst for dungeon treasure. To achieve your wish, you must traverse dark tunnels and fight powerful monsters and even bosses. Your journey is full of challenges and dangers but full of inspiration and precious treasures. If you go far enough, you can upgrade your warrior with powerful artifacts. So, are you ready for this journey? There are dozens of maps and quests to explore.

Download Rogue Hearts Mod – Role-playing adventure in the dungeon world

This is a great experience for those who love the simple but complete dungeon style. The game does not have a cumbersome plot with many different chapters. You just need to understand your role as an ancient warrior with a mission to discover treasures and mysterious underground dungeons. As soon as you step into the game, just a few basic instructions are enough to get you right into your journey. Your main task is to explore, fight and upgrade your warrior to adventure through the entire dungeon area available in the game. It’s been a long journey of many hours of gameplay and there is an increase in both the challenge and the strength of every component. So the further you go, the more interesting your journey will be.


Fight your way

The main content in this game is turn-based battles. Your adventure in the dungeon world is always hindered by crazy monsters. If you want to go further and find more treasures, you need to be ready to fight and defeat your enemies. But you don’t need to learn super skills. Just swipe to control the warrior, and click the skill cards on the screen to attack. When it’s your turn, use everything you have to deal as much damage as possible or find a way to defend against the next attack from the enemy. If you fail at any of the clashes, you will return to the nearest checkpoint after the upgrade.

Just like that, your journey is a series of battles with dungeon enemies. At some key points, you will have to fight the terrible Boss with terrible HP and strength. To pass these stages, you must prepare enough luggage. Besides, don’t ignore any treasure chests that appear along the way to enrich your gold and gems. They are extremely useful for purchasing equipment including swords, armor, shoes, hats, necklaces, bracelets, rings and capes, and weapons such as knives, swords, bows, and more. As you get stronger, the challenges also level up, providing an adventure experience that’s always fun and new.


Explore mysterious dark dungeons

Rogue Hearts Mod gives you a series of quests to adventure through many different lands. In each land, you will have the opportunity to encounter typical types of enemies from hideous orcs to dark wizards, lost knights, terrible Bosses, and more. Different enemy objects have different looks and powers. It is this that requires you to be flexible in how you act to gain an advantage against all enemies. Besides, the battlefield context will change flexibly with your every step. And the treasure is also increasingly valuable as your battles become more and more fierce.

The diverse world scene opens before you with a rich and magnificent dungeon world. It includes roads deep underground, ancient castles, giant statues, ancient arenas, and many other locations. It is their classic beauty that will make you overwhelmed. Bypassing the assigned missions, you can unlock many new places to expand your journey. If you have a chance to go through all the maps of the game, you will have the most complete adventure ever.


Well-designed, eye-catching effects

The dungeon world is vividly depicted on 3D graphics with a classic design style. It includes many beautiful and magical scenes but also makes you overwhelmed with darkness and ghosts. The enemy system is equally diverse. Images of warriors are meticulously designed from appearance to dialogue and skill effects. Each attack is accompanied by eye-catching effects and realistic sounds. Thanks to that, your fighting and adventure experience here is always fascinating.


Rogue Hearts Mod will not disappoint you with what it brings. It is a complete RPG game with a typical dungeon theme. Enter the game and play as a warrior to act your way. Treasures, monsters, and epic turn-based battles will keep you hooked for hours to explore.

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