Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod APK 0.6.12 (Menu, Unlocked)
Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod APK 0.6.12 (Menu, Unlocked)

Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod APK 0.6.12 (Menu, Unlocked)

By HN - July 1, 2022
Name LMHMOD Sky On Fire: 1940
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher ISNI-Industries
Size 125MB
Version 0.6.12
MOD Features Menu, Unlocked
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Update July 1, 2022 (5 months ago )

Based on the historical story of the first years of the war in the second world war. Game Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod simulates extremely dramatic air battles. The timeline takes place in 1940. Revolving around wars between 4 different countries. Includes France, the UK, Germany, and Italy. Join the game, you will play the role of a crew. Control the fighter aircraft operating in the vast sky. Perform missions to destroy enemy forces and destroy the base. Along with that, there will be opportunities to explore many other interesting features. The aircraft system is diverse, with familiar names. They are all inspired by real-life planes. Offline single-player mode, can enjoy the experience without restrictions. The console is simulated in detail.

Download Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod – Operate Fighter In The Sky

Become a pilot in Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod to start the mission. Control the aircraft provided to accomplish the requested goal. Operate according to the displayed instructions to search for enemy planes. Precise strike to shoot down, become the ultimate pilot in the sky. Complete assigned tasks with high achievement. From there will receive the corresponding reward. As each battle took place more and more dramatic. You will face more complex challenges than before. However, it depends on the choice of game mode when participating. The difficulty will also increase with each subsequent battle. Through it, you will explore the combat environment in the sky. Enjoy the feeling of a pilot in the process of controlling a fighter plane.Sky On Fire- 1940 Mod

Skills need to be continuously improved

During the flight of the aircraft in the sky of Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod. You will face many difficulties. In addition, the position of enemy aircraft is constantly changing. Because they move frequently, making target identification very difficult. At the same time, it is necessary to operate stably, because the control system is designed to be very complex. Not stopping there, you can also be attacked by enemy fire at any time. If you are not careful or lose focus, you will be destroyed. This means the mission failed, and the result was not high. To complete the mission of a pilot with excellent performance. Requires experience and combat skills to be really flexible. Constantly improving to hone more. Only then can victory be won against the onslaught of the enemy.Game Sky On Fire- 1940 Mod

Control system

To simulate the combat aircraft control system in the most realistic way. The console of Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod has been carefully designed. Although not detailed, it also meets the usual control mechanisms. So it takes a while to get used to. The control system of the game is also quite complicated. Flexible control will take a short period of time. From the very beginning, it will certainly be difficult for you to operate the aircraft stably. But after a few battles will accumulate skills. From there will gradually improve to hone the experience. Here, for example, some basic control keys can be displayed on the screen. The height adjustment bar is displayed in the left corner of the screen. Likewise, the right side includes the bullets icon. Used to fire, to attack the enemy.Tai Sky On Fire- 1940 Mod

Many different types of aircraft

Inspired by the planes used in World War 2. With many different types provided by Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod. Including He 111, Ju 88, Bf 109, Bf 110, … or even legendary aircraft like Spitfire. Each aircraft is designed in the old style. Their difference is shown in color and design. Along with the ability to operate according to individual parameters. It would help if you learned to be able to choose for yourself a suitable plane. However, to own them will need to be traded. Accumulate bonuses to be received after the end of each fight. From there can be unlocked to operate the desired fighter.Download Sky On Fire- 1940 Mod

Instead of using 3D graphics like other fighter simulation games. The graphics of Sky On Fire: 1940 Mod are greatly simplified. The image quality is not vivid and realistic. But enough to meet the needs of all players. It can be easily seen through the background of the sky, and the mountainous terrain below. Everything is depicted not so clearly. Because only simple 2D graphics can be used. In addition, the sound of the aircraft when operating is reproduced very realistically. The sound of the propeller spinning, the sound of fire when firing bullets to attack. The sound gives the feeling of operating a real plane.

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