Slap and Run Mod APK 1.6.8 (No Ads)
Slap and Run Mod APK 1.6.8 (No Ads)

Slap and Run Mod APK 1.6.8 (No Ads)

By HN - August 10, 2022
Name LMHMOD Slap and Run
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 7.1
Publisher VOODOO
Size 88MB
Version 1.6.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 10, 2022 (4 months ago )

Slap and Run Mod is one of the interesting entertainment games of the publisher VOODOO. This is a game developed according to Arcade gameplay. Open up fun racing activities. But the content is described in a completely new style. According to the vendor, this game has just been released. The content revolves around the activity of slapping pedestrians. By moving left and right to make them hurt. At the same time constantly running forward to reach the finish line. In the process will have to flee from the pursuit of those who have been slapped. This game is built quite simply. But the gameplay is addictive, helping you enjoy an entertaining time. Along with bright 3D graphics are used to create a sense of excitement for everyone to participate.

Download Slap and Run Mod – Race To Slap People

Similar to other entertainment games of the publisher VOODOO. The mission system of the game Slap and Run Mod is built at each level. Those are the challenges that you need to overcome. Accordingly, the gameplay is experienced in offline mode. As soon as the device is downloaded, it can be played completely for free. Each level opens up an exciting race. Control the character to move left and right. At the same time, the character will automatically run forward. There will be many different people in the process. They are doing fun activities on the road. Your task is to move exactly close to everyone, from which the character will automatically attack. The goal is to accumulate the slap of the hand to reach the finish line. Then perform the achievement jump slap.Game Slap and Run Mod

Achievements are represented by the number of stars

As each level plays more and more gradually in Slap and Run Mod. Achievements in each level are represented by the number of stars. A level of play can reach a maximum of 3 stars. To do that will have to fulfill the conditions given in each challenge. Overcome all obstacles and slap everyone during the run. Simultaneously flee from their pursuit and not get caught. Successfully take the final slap with the highest possible score scale. Follow that to get the corresponding number of stars. After finishing a challenge, the system will total all the points you have achieved. From there will receive a large number of gold coins. Can get more money by watching free promotional videos. The multiplier point bar combination is used after the end of the last slap.Download Slap and Run Mod

Everyone, the difficulty has increased

The course of the race at Slap and Run Mod will have many different activities. Casual pedestrians, standing women exercising, and cyclists. They will stand in groups in large numbers. Or alone with a few people, for example, cyclists often go alone. Moving at a fast speed, control the character to run over to slap. From there will make them angry and chase to attack. Try not to let people catch you. If not, you will be beaten, which means the mission failed. After completing a challenge to continue to enter new levels. The difficulty of the game will increase. The number of people who need to be slapped during running on the road will be more than before. More obstacles and traps appear. As well as the conditions to complete will be more difficult than before.Tai Slap and Run Mod

Many traps, skills

The process of racing on the road to perform actions to slap people. You will face a lot of dangerous obstacles. Those are the pitfalls designed by Slap and Run Mod. To prevent the character from being able to run forward to reach the finish line. Some pitfalls, for example, are saw blades that rotate horizontally across the pavement. Boxing gloves are placed outside the running track. As soon as moving on the green button will activate. If you don’t dodge quickly, you will be stunned. However, boxing gloves will assist you in attacking the pursuers behind. To be able to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line. Also requires your observation skills to move flexibly. From there, dodge quickly, as well as not let people catch.Slap and Run Mod

Get bonuses from previous races. Completing many levels in Slap and Run Mod will accumulate a large amount. From there can be used to perform trading operations in the game. For example, unlocking powers to enhance the character’s abilities. Here, you can upgrade with 3 main powerups. Includes kick force, acceleration, and gathering. Each type of power carries a unique ability. The improved kick force will make it easier to attack for good performance thrust. Faster acceleration will not be chased by that behind. Finally, collect, and get more bonuses after completing the mission.

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