Slash & Roll Mod APK 1.14.2 (Speed Game X2)
Slash & Roll Mod APK 1.14.2 (Speed Game X2)

Slash & Roll Mod APK 1.14.2 (Speed Game X2)

By HN - December 1, 2022
Name LMHMOD Slash & Roll: Multiplayer RPG
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Gamesture sp. z o.o.
Size 98MB
Version 1.14.2
MOD Features Speed Game X2
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update December 1, 2022 (5 days ago )

Embark on a multiplayer role-playing adventure in Slash & Roll Mod. Through rolling dice to compete with rivals. Simultaneously fight against online players in different modes. The mission is to be the ultimate winner with excellent achievements. The game is built in the role-playing genre. With unique features provided by the system. Can join a guild to fight with teammates. Through matches taking place in the style of 20vs20. Or maybe compete with opponents on the battlefield. At the same time, the developer allows customizing the character. By equipping items, and weapons to increase strength. In terms of content, this is one of those idle-killing games that take place in real time.

Download Slash & Roll Mod – Real-Time Multiplayer Online Battle

Slash & Roll Mod is an idle fighting game. Play as a hero to participate in battles. Your mission is to compete with opponents in real-time. The gameplay is turn-based, through the action of rolling the dice to battle. After each roll of the dice, follow the displayed icon to take the next action. If you can spin on the sword icon. The hero will attack with physical damage in possession. The star symbol will get a certain amount of bonuses. In particular, when rolling the dice, the crit will help the hero use special powers. With a large amount of damage can be created to attack. Will cause enemies to quickly lose their lives. From there it is possible to end the battle to receive the reward. The rewards received will be commensurate with the achievements achieved.Slash & Roll Mod

Gameplay, increased challenge

The battle of Slash & Roll Mod takes place in real-time. Each fight is divided into attacks according to the action of rolling the dice. As soon as the battle starts will only stop until the time ends. At the same time, the hero or opponent’s health is depleted. Then, based on the achievements obtained to receive rewards. Including gold coins, if lucky will receive diamonds. As well as bonus points to increase the hero’s damage and crit power. Continue the battle to compete with the opponent in the new showdown. The challenge will increase, much more difficult than before. Because the ability of the opponent encountered when the latter will be superior to the former. In addition to rolling the dice to attack, deal damage. You also have to collect shields to strengthen your defense. Only then can you resist the attacks of the enemy.Tai Slash & Roll Mod

Game Modes

As introduced earlier, a lot of different game modes are provided by Slash & Roll Mod. Each mode is designed with its own style of play. You can participate in combat mode to compete with your enemies. Or compete with other players through PvP online mode. Through the game’s server system to connect with each other. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to fight on the 20vs20 battlefield. With a large number of participants gathered in a skirmish. Promises to bring an extremely impressive combat pace. It’s more interesting to be able to apply to join a guild. Go with the members of the clan to compete, and challenge other guilds. Beat them to win. Take your clan to the top of the leaderboard.Game Slash & Roll Mod

Unlock weapons, customize characters

Developing the hero’s strength is one of the very important factors. At Slash & Roll Mod you can equip weapons and items. Help heroes increase their fighting ability in battles. Many different species of weapons are waiting for you to discover. For example in the early stages, the hero uses a wooden stick. Experiencing each battle will unlock swords,… Weapons with greater damage. Besides, it is necessary to strengthen the defense ability. By equipping armor. Not only can they increase their stamina each time they are attacked by an opponent. It also changes the hero’s appearance, making them more prominent in each battle. Not stopping there, the game also allows customizing the hairstyle, skin color, and beard. Depending on your design, you can create a hero in your favorite style.Download Slash & Roll Mod

Blue Diamonds are the main currency used for trading in Slash & Roll Mod. During the match after winning. You will have a chance to get the corresponding amount of diamonds. After accumulating time will get a large amount. From there, you can trade to unlock and buy items. Besides, participating in battles will consume energy. They are represented by lightning bolts. Through receiving rewards from events or over time. Energy will be added so you can participate in battles.

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