Mod APK {{version}} (Godmode, Drone View, Skins, Premium) Mod APK {{version}} (Godmode, Drone View, Skins, Premium) Mod APK {{version}} (Godmode, Drone View, Skins, Premium)

By TT - December 2, 2022
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Kooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games
Size 57MB
Version 1.18.11
MOD Features Godmode, Drone View, Skins, Premium
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Update December 2, 2022 (16 hours ago )
qc Mod is a classic snake game designed with a modern art style. It attracts more than 100 million players on Google Play and has a huge fan community. The attraction of the game lies in the gameplay, which is simple but difficult to master. The strategy element in this game is emphasized even more than in typical strategy games. It will challenge you to survive in the free open world with hundreds of different worms from online players. Your goal is to survive as long as you can and become the biggest worm on the map. Eat food, trap others and show your wisdom, or you will fall prey to others.

Download Mod – Typical snake hunting arcade gameplay

Remember the game It is the inspiration for on mobile. This game is built on the gameplay of but it owns a better design and smoother movement. As a result, it attracts a large number of mobile gamers. In the game, instead of controlling a rudimentary snake, you will now play with worms with beautiful skins. They are designed with vibrant colors and flexible movement mechanisms, providing a refreshing feeling of control on the screen. Besides, this game has many new features, typically the double mode. It also has online leaderboards for you to compete against global players. So, it has everything you need, right?


Simple but addictive gameplay mechanics

This game has two classic game modes, offline and online. Either way, there’s room for you to join the fun worm arena. At the beginning of the game, you control a small and weak worm. Your job is to find food to grow and upgrade your length. On the battlefield of this hunting game, your length is everything. The greater the length, the greater your advantage. Of course, the skill factor is also very important for you to improve your length. Just swipe across the screen to navigate the worm and click the arrow icon to speed it up. Combine these maneuvers smoothly to survive as long as possible.

You will not be playing alone on the battlefield of the game. If you play online, there will be hundreds of other players playing with you at the same time. They possess great snakes with unpredictable skills and strategies. So consider competing with them if you’re not confident enough yet. The best way to survive is not to be gentle but not to be aggressive either. You need to have a wise survival strategy in each stage, especially when you are very young. In the right corner of the screen, you can follow the ranking order of the top players. You can also be there when reaching a certain length and level.


Some tips to play the game well

Although it is a simple game, to win in Mod, you need to have a smart strategy. The following tips may help.

Combine movement and acceleration: Acceleration is considered the best way to escape enemies or trap other worms. But you need to do this properly and wisely, otherwise, you will pay the price. Accordingly, you must combine moving over the head of a targeted worm, then suddenly accelerate to make it collide with you. Its carcass is the perfect delicacy for your worm.

Use your length as a weapon: The worm’s length is the most powerful weapon in this game. If you want to finish off any worm, the best way is to wrap it around its body. If your length is large enough, you will create an exit circle around your prey. Your job is to move gently and wait for the prey to give up.

Reasonable attack and defense: To win each battle of the game, you must be a person with a skillful attack-defense strategy. You should only attack when conditions are favorable and need to defend when you lose. For example, when your worm is young, the best way to survive is to search for available food sources. If you are confident enough, you should hunt worms of the same level as you.


The extremely unique skins collection

Different from the classic games, this game will delight you with a unique collection of skins. It offers a bunch of adorable skins for your worms, such as tiger, fox, horse, bull, robot, unicorn, dragon, and more skins. The game will automatically choose skins for you every time a new war starts. So you don’t need bounty hunting to unlock unique skins here. So, every war is a new beginning.

Don’t miss Mod if you love the classic predatory snake style. It has the same gameplay as a predatory snake, but it has a lively design and music. Come here to discover hundreds of unique skins and enjoy the smooth mechanics. Just one finger to control your worm and conquer the PvP battlefield. Will you conquer the leaderboard? Try it now for the answer.

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