Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Money, VIP Unlock, Auto Kill, Immortality)
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Money, VIP Unlock, Auto Kill, Immortality)

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Money, VIP Unlock, Auto Kill, Immortality)

By TT - November 28, 2022
Name LMHMOD Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher ONESOFT
Size 270MB
Version 1.636
MOD Features Menu, Money, VIP Unlock, Auto Kill, Immortality
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Update November 28, 2022 (4 days ago )

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod is a typical fly shooting game from the publisher Onesoft. But this time, the game is built with a space setting and a modern fantasy storyline. Our galaxy is under attack by a brutal space enemy. While NASA’s military facilities have been destroyed, now you are the remaining hero of this earth. With a noble mission, you stand up to control spaceships and fight legions of enemies. But the enemies are getting stronger and stronger, demanding your constant progress and upgrades. The ship shooting levels take place on the phone screen with special effects. Genuine and modern fighter models will become warriors in this endless war.

Download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod – Endless spaceship shooting journey

A ship shooting game like Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is all inspired by the legendary chicken shooting game – Chicken Invader. But it brings new and more modern colors, thereby attracting hundreds of millions of players around the globe. With simple gameplay mechanics, the game does not require you to undergo any training. Just click your finger on the screen to control your ship and destroy every enemy on the screen. But the challenge for you is extremely diverse and increasingly fierce. A series of waves of enemies arriving on state-of-the-art spaceships and powerful weapons will make it difficult for you. Get ready to face them all and score your record achievement in the game.


A series of exciting ship shooting levels

Join the game, you become a member of the galaxy hero group. Your mission is to destroy enemies from space to protect human peace. You will do it by controlling a modern spaceship. Just use your finger to swipe left, right, up, or down to control it. However, you need to have a smart strategy. Skillfully steer your ship to dodge enemy attacks, aim your weapon at them and deal as much damage as possible. Enemies will be arranged in classes from weak to strong. And you need to be ready for epic battles with the big Boss at the end of each level.

The enemy system in the game is extremely diverse and much more refreshing than the classic chicken shooter. They can be airships with unique shapes armed with deadly weapons. Each type of ship will have its own way of attacking, such as rain, fire bullets, thunder, cannons, laser bombs, and more. The frequency of their attacks will be higher and higher, creating real disasters for your planet. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to control the ship to dodge bullets from the enemy, even if you are an experienced player.


Upgrade ships, unlock many new planets

The challenges in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod are increasingly fierce, demanding your progress. Upgrade your ship to enjoy better power and gain the advantage in every battle. You can also unlock new ships, retrofit armor, weapons, and more. Do not hesitate to buy larger barrels or even nuclear missiles to increase the destructive power. After upgrading the ship, you will see its change in appearance. Ships with higher levels are more majestic and unique, and their combat effects are more eye-catching. Of course, they have better power for you to conquer more difficult challenges on many levels.

Your space war will not stop at any level. It stretches to infinity, spanning hundreds of levels and dozens of different planets. By completing missions and reaching certain levels, you will gain access to the new planet. Each planet has its own theme and gives you unique enemies. Therefore, your ship shooting journey is always filled with novelty. Also, don’t miss the chance to join the lucky round to earn bonuses and search for premium items to upgrade.


Unique 2D design, vivid effects

The game will impress you with its modern and fresh design on the 2D graphics platform. In particular, the powerful spaceships are the best. They have a unique and creative appearance with eye-catching attack effects. The battlefield scene is equally vivid when inspired by many different planets. The sound of the spaceship’s engines and gunfire is very catchy. Everything is perfectly combined to deliver an experience more immersive than ever.


So Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod has always been one of the best arcade games on mobile. It brings you epic and refreshing ship shooting wars. Get ready with your fighter and rush into the space battleground. A series of strange enemies from the universe will be your top opponents.

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