Stickman Falling Mod APK 2.20 (Unlimited Money, spins, no ads)
Stickman Falling Mod APK 2.20 (Unlimited Money, spins, no ads)

Stickman Falling Mod APK 2.20 (Unlimited Money, spins, no ads)

By HN - August 4, 2022
Name LMHMOD Stickman Falling
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Skygo
Size 30MB
Version 2.20
MOD Features Unlimited Money, spins, no ads
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 4, 2022 (4 months ago )

Stickman Falling Mod simulates collisions in different ways. This is a game that is included in the category of simulation games. With simple gameplay, but with abstract nature. Simulate car crashes, horrible falls, broken bones into pieces. Or continuous bleeding due to impact and impact on the environment. There are many other actions that you will discover when participating. The game is completely free to experience in offline mode. Every player can start the quest as soon as it downloads. With a wide range of features provided by the system. Mission system according to each level of play. There are 3 different characters for you to control. Provides 9 vehicles, 9 tools, and 3 kits. They will be used to join the character to perform impressive collisions.

Download Stickman Falling Mod – Create Terrifying Impacts From Environmental Impact

Based on the gameplay of the game Stickman Falling Mod. Quests will be built in a level-style system. Unlock levels to recreate collisions in different ways. Each level takes place in its own unique terrain. Designed environments, landscapes, objects, and obstacles. Helps you to create terrifying collisions. The conditions given in each level are represented by the number of points. Based on the character’s collision actions during the game. From there, the score will constantly increase and be larger than before. Complete the mission to continue to the next level. You will receive gold coins, the number of bonuses will correspond to each level. As well as the achievement stats achieved during the event. For example glow time point, flip point, fracture point,…Stickman Falling Mod

The difficulty will increase gradually

Complete the challenge in one level of Stickman Falling Mod one by one. You can then proceed to the next level. The difficulty will change and gradually increase. At the same time, the terrain of each level is designed differently. From there, it is possible to create collisions in many ways. The condition required in the new level will be harder than before. You will have a chance to get a higher score. But it will be necessary to use additional means and tools. To create more kicks, more powerful. It causes the character to break bones on parts of the body. Or bleeding head, whole body so that the score will increase bigger. Parallel to that, from the character’s kicking phase with the surrounding environment. Achievement points from different states will be outstandingly added. Help you complete the task excellently.Tai Stickman Falling Mod

During the game

The gameplay of Stickman Falling Mod is designed to be very simple. Take on a level of play to create terrifying collisions. Before that, you need to tap and hold to generate thrust. This causes the character to fall from the top of the stairs. During that process will not be able to interfere with or affect the character. You can only observe all the activities that are happening. For example, bleeding, and fractures due to strong impact. Or be attacked by obstacles, dangerous traps. It can be mentioned as the machine that shoots the spike ball. With the ability to create a large explosion. Causes the character to take a large amount of damage and affects the entire body. With a very large impact force, it will be thrown to another position. Not stopping there, use more tools and means provided by the system. Will create stronger collisions.Download Stickman Falling Mod

Means and tools

To create more impact force in Stickman Falling Mod. You can use different means. There are a total of 9 vehicles to explore. Including bicycles, motorcycles, rockets, UFOs, motorbikes, … there are a few others. Besides, it is possible to use 9 more types of tools. For example, boxing gloves, saw blades, explosive oil tanks,… and more. Each type when used will cause the character to create a stronger impact force because they are capable of physical impact with greater force. For example when using one of the means. Will create high speed to make the character hit hard. That will increase the outstanding achievement score before—easily completing missions with excellent achievements. Prove your skills and personal experience.Game Stickman Falling Mod

The gold coin is the main currency, used in the trading activities of Stickman Falling Mod. In addition to completing missions in the game levels. Accumulate to receive bonuses and use. You can also get daily rewards. Every day when logging into the game there will be a chance to receive a large amount. Money is used to buy vehicles, tools, and kits. Depends on the rarity of each species. As well as the possibilities they create. The amount to unlock will vary.

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