Sunrise Village Mod APK 1.75.51 (Free Rewards)
Sunrise Village Mod APK 1.75.51 (Free Rewards)

Sunrise Village Mod APK 1.75.51 (Free Rewards)

By TT - December 2, 2022
Name LMHMOD Sunrise Village
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher InnoGames GmbH
Size 477MB
Version 1.75.51
MOD Features Free Rewards
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update December 2, 2022 (4 days ago )

Welcome to Sunrise Village Mod, a great adventure simulation game. That’s where you will have a new adventure in the beautiful village, called a sunrise village. It hides interesting mysteries that you can uncover during your adventure here. Moreover, you can participate in countless activities in the village from farming to raising livestock, building, and excavating new lands. But you won’t be alone. There are many good residents who will join you and share their secrets. Let’s work together to restore this beautiful village and build a new life.

Download Sunrise Village Mod – A long adventure in a beautiful village

The story of Sunrise Village begins when you receive a letter from your grandfather. He said your village has been ravaged by some strange creatures from nowhere. Now, the village needs your help to restore the lost things. So you get in the car back to the village and get ready for a new adventure like never before. Before you start, you can choose your favorite character (male or female). Next, you will be greeted by your grandfather. The story continues under the guidance of the grandfather and many other NPCs. And you will have an interesting adventure story here.


Restore your village

According to the story, your main task is to repair the village ravaged by bizarre creatures. To do this, you just have to follow the instructions from the other characters in the village. You will work with them to rebuild dilapidated houses, demolish large old trees blocking the way, restore fields, and do many other things. With your help, the village will be fine again. Besides, you will discover many mysteries that have never been revealed. There are many interesting legends that have been passed down in the village from generation to generation. Do you want to know what that is?

Besides, you will integrate into the life of the village like a real resident. You can follow your grandfather in farming, breeding, production, harvesting, and more. Shop for new varieties of plants and plant them in your garden. In addition, you can build farms to raise pigs, dairy cows, and horses … They will provide the village with useful agricultural products from rice and noodles, to eggs, meat, milk, and many others.


Build new buildings

Besides restoring the village, you can even make it better than before. Sunrise Village Mod allows you to build many new buildings to serve the activities in the village. For example, you can build a bakery, produce dairy products, a wine processing facility, etc. They will turn agricultural resources into more valuable products to help the village become rich. Besides, try to upgrade factories to speed up production. You have many orders to fulfill.

These orders come from neighboring villages. They need raw or processed produce. Work hard with the villagers to make as many products as possible. After that, you just need to pack the product and ship it to the designated place. Trade and exchange of goods took place continuously, promoting the development of the village. From there, you will expand your village in both size and reputation.


Meet funny friends

In the game story, there are dozens of different characters. Each person has an important role in the village and helps guide you through many quests and episodes. You can interact with people and get suggestions from them. They also help you complete assigned tasks to unlock new chapters of content. Moreover, the inhabitants of the village are the most knowledgeable of the village. They will lead you to many places, talk about age-old legends and reveal many interesting mysteries. Follow them through different areas to discover everything.


Bright and friendly cartoon graphics

Like many similar games, this game impresses with a 3D cartoon graphics style. It depicts the experience scene with bright beauty, highlighting the serenity of the sunrise village. Besides, every component in this village is also very close. These are fields, houses, factories, and various vehicles. Everything is brightly colored, creating a relaxing experience atmosphere. Moreover, the character’s dialogue is also quite well-organized, helping to guide the story in a subtle way.

Sunrise Village Mod is available to download here and is completely free. So hurry up to download and play it now. It will bring you endless fun in the adventure at the mysterious village. There are loads of interesting quests and activities that you can explore there. Moreover, there are many places to visit and many funny friends to chat with. Don’t hesitate to enjoy these.

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