Sushi Bar Idle Mod APK 2.7.13 (Unlimited Money)
Sushi Bar Idle Mod APK 2.7.13 (Unlimited Money)

Sushi Bar Idle Mod APK 2.7.13 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - June 30, 2022
Name LMHMOD Sushi Bar Idle
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Green Panda Games
Size 59MB
Version 2.7.13
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update June 30, 2022 (5 months ago )

Sushi Bar Idle Mod is a cooking simulation game with idle gameplay mechanics. It allows you to become the legal manager of a sushi shop. You can take care of everything from unlocking ingredients, hiring chefs, and building and designing restaurants. But just click on the screen to do it. Relax while enjoying the profits generated from the beautiful sushi conveyor belts, why not? The game allows you to expand the restaurant to infinity according to your experience. Not just one, you can unlock dozens of restaurants all over Japan and around the world. Watch your profits soar as you unlock and upgrade non-stop.

Download Sushi Bar Idle Mod – Manage your dream sushi restaurant

Have you ever thought of owning and managing a sushi restaurant in cherry blossom country? Sushi Bar Idle will make your dreams come true right on your phone. It is a great simulator with a simple design and idle mechanics. No need to manipulate too much, but you still feel the joy of the restaurant management process. Moreover, you do not need to touch the cooking or serving customers. Your job is to manage employees and upgrade, and expand the restaurant to enjoy idle profits. Getting rich has never been this simple and fun, has it? The game will also make you fall in love with its lovely cartoon design and clear, melodious music.


Going up from nothing

Any management simulation game gives you the freedom to build your own property. So in this game, you will build and manage your own sushi restaurant from nothing to becoming a giant empire. In the beginning, your restaurant was just a small place to eat. There is only one carousel and a few chairs that are unlocked to serve diners. Moreover, you can only hire a chef who can cook a few traditional sushi dishes. And of course, you will sell your food cheaply to attract customers. And be patient with the low revenue source at the beginning. With the small amount of money collected, you need a wise reinvestment strategy. Do not hesitate to spend on upgrading and unlocking the necessary things for the restaurant.

There are three factors you need to care about in this game, which are speed, price, and the number of seats in the restaurant. All three of these metrics need to be improved over time if you want to expand your restaurant further. Please upgrade the speed to speed up the service because customers will not be willing to wait too long. Besides, you should sell your sushi at a reasonable price. Regular sushi should be cheap, but high-end sushi should be sold at a high price to make a profit. And over time, you need to expand the number of seats available to fill your restaurant with hungry diners.


Endless expansion and upgrades

Don’t let your sushi restaurant stop at any level in Sushi Bar Idle Mod. In essence, you can expand it to the maximum level and keep unlocking new restaurants. Each restaurant can be individually themed and serve unique sushi dishes. But the management in each restaurant is not too different, just touch on the screen to upgrade and expand. However, managing a restaurant chain will keep you a little busier. You need to pay attention to upgrading the number of seats and progress to ensure customer satisfaction.

Besides, the management of the chef is one of the important factors. If you want to expand your restaurant, you need more items available on the menu. To expand the menu, you need to upgrade your chef. Every chef can cook a variety of sushi recipes, from traditional to modern ones. But you need to use gold coins and must reach a certain level to unlock new sushi recipes. Over time, you can spread all your dishes everywhere. Not only in Tokyo but also in Okinawa, Osaka, and many other parts of the world.


Simple but beautiful design

The game scene takes place on the vertical screen of the phone. So just use one finger to play it. The game will delight you with its simple but eye-catching cartoon design. The image of the sushi conveyor belt is depicted from a top-down perspective, allowing you to clearly see each dish in motion, the chef at work, and the diners enjoying the delicious food. Music also harmonizes with the movement of things, giving you a great sense of relaxation.

So don’t miss Sushi Bar Idle Mod if you are a sushi lover or a restaurant management enthusiast. The game is quite easy to play and suitable for all types of gamers thanks to its simple cartoon design. Come here and enjoy the sushi restaurant management process on your handheld device. You can find hundreds of the most unique sushi recipes here.

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