Temple Run 2 MOD APK {{version}} (Menu, Money, Immortality, High Jump, Score, Levels)
Temple Run 2 MOD APK {{version}} (Menu, Money, Immortality, High Jump, Score, Levels)

Temple Run 2 MOD APK {{version}} (Menu, Money, Immortality, High Jump, Score, Levels)

By HN - November 24, 2022
Name LMHMOD Temple Run 2
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.0+
Publisher Imangi Studios
Size 92MB
Version 1.95.0
MOD Features Menu, Money, Immortality, High Jump, Score, Levels
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Update November 24, 2022 (1 week ago )

Temple Run 2 follows the endless race with the black bear in version 1. Coming to this version 2. Your character still has to run away from the pursuit of that black bear. In this version, the game publisher has promised a lot to release a version with more interesting and attractive features. That’s right, this version 2 has been upgraded a lot. Change in image quality, giving players a more interesting and engaging experience. Along with that are many new features, more new characters are equipped. You will definitely have more wonderful experiences there. The race between humans and bears will never end if you don’t die. When you hit an obstacle, you will be chased by the bear. Try to run as far as you can. Set a record for yourself.

Download Temple Run 2 MOD – Escape from the bear’s pursuit

The main character in Temple Run 2 MOD is a jungle guy with very good physical strength. He can run for hours on end and still not get tired. However, he is not someone with the superpower of immortality. When you collide with obstacles on the way. Immediately you will be chased by the bear. But it won’t catch you. Be careful of the pitfalls along the way. If you hit it, you will be caught by the bear immediately. The bear in the game is a bear that has become a chimpanzee. It is not hindered by traps, obstacles, etc… But because of its large size, it cannot run as fast as you. Try to run as far as you can. Your achievements will be saved by the system. So that the next time you play, you can try to break the record that you have set.

Temple Run 2 mod

How to play

Temple Run 2 MOD has simple gameplay, easy to play even for the first time. But to go further requires players to have ingenuity and agility in situations. You will always have to follow the brave guy. Any negligence, subjectivity can lead to failure at any time. Control your character by touching the screen. If you want him to move to any side, swipe to that side. If you want to jump, swipe up. That is the first control. The second way is to tilt the screen to adjust the direction of the character. Choose the method that suits you best. To control the character easily, conquer all challenges in the game.

game Temple Run 2 mod

The pitfalls

On the way to move, you will encounter difficulties and obstacles that make it difficult for you. Including pitfalls. I can name some extremely dangerous pitfalls. It can kill you instantly. Flamethrower, falling rocks, cog gears, etc. Just touch these pitfalls by accident. Immediately you will have to lie down. And surely the black bear behind will chase you and eat you. A tip for you is that when kitsch activates the character’s defensive armor. Any trap, no matter how strong or dangerous, could not hurt him. But it is not possible to correct the obstacles. Be careful lest you die again and wonder why.

game Temple Run 2 mod hack

Graphic design

The graphics of the game are designed in vivid 3D, moving extremely rhythmically. Your character is in the process of running. It is possible to collide with obstacles on the way. You will not see lag or delay. The transition effects, changing the scene make players feel surprised. You may be on top of a mountain. But with the cable car in a few seconds, you have reached the stream with murmuring water. The sound of the game creates a sense of suspense for the player. When hit by an obstacle. You will not die, but the monster will roar. Combined with the slide effect, the player has a heart attack.

Temple Run 2 mod apk

Temple Run 2 gives players a feeling of suspense, fear, drama to the last moment. You need to immerse yourself in the character to overcome all the obstacles and challenges along the way. Control your character skillfully to overcome the pitfalls. Try to take the character as far as possible. Show off your achievements to your friends. Download Temple Run 2 MOD with friends to race unlimitedly.

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