This Is the Police Mod APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
This Is the Police Mod APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money)

This Is the Police Mod APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money)

By TT - August 8, 2022
Name LMHMOD This Is the Police
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher HandyGames
Size 647MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 8, 2022 (4 months ago )

This Is the Police Mod is a strategy simulator inspired by real-life police themes. It brings you a meaningful adventure with a well-organized story and a rich system of puzzles, events, and situations. Join the game, you play the role of a police chief about to retire. Your job is to help this cop solve the last cases to earn money or retire with many scandals around. It depends on how you behave and react to every event that happens. Will you have to choose rationally or emotionally, oppose evil or follow it to corruption and retire with a fortune? Show your opinion when you have power in your hands like a real cop.

Download This Is the Police Mod – Experience the police adventure story

As soon as you enter the game, the game will give you an impossible task. It’s the role of Sheriff Jack Boyd, a retired cop trying to do the last thing in 180 days. In this role, you’ll dive into a poignant tale of crime, morality, ideals, and more. Your role allows you to do what you like, but right or wrong is up to your point of view. Will you help Jack retire with a pile of money in his account, or will he go bankrupt and go to jail? Any ending is possible after your sequence of choices and actions. Get ready to go through situations in the dark story where you will decide everything.


Discover unique quests

In the role of sheriff, your daily duty is to investigate crimes and handle criminal cases. But at first, the game will not make you difficult with complex criminal missions. You only need to check documents or handle small cases like car crashes, thefts, and employee management… Later on, you need to engage in serious cases, such as bank robberies, demolitions, drug crime lines, fight corruption, protect the city mayor, and complete crime reports and statistics. But you don’t need to do all this alone, you can hire people and run them your way.

In particular, in each mission, you have the right to choose how to react to the situations that take place. For example, will you be determined to crack down on criminals or tolerate them and get a good deal? Will you run the city police force to escort criminals to prison or send them to freedom? You have the power to decide and each of your decisions will affect the outcome. If you make the wrong decision, Chief Jack could be fired early and retire in scandal. On the contrary, if you make the right decisions and have a smart strategy, you will be revered and even make a lot of money before your retirement age.


Manage your people

In This Is the Police Mod, you will work with the city’s talented police team. As the chief of police, you are in charge of all police and have the authority to administer and allocate work and duties to each person. Each police officer has its own characteristics to suit different roles. Moreover, you can recruit new personnel if you need them for new and urgent tasks. Visit the job market and recruit the most talented people to work for you. But you need to investigate and learn thoroughly about their background, origin, diary, and work experience to make a reasonable choice.

Choices and endings

This game not only attracts players in its strategic gameplay but also in its meaning. It reflects the current status quo in the police industry where the most talented and powerful have to contend with their own ideology, morality, and point of view. This game allows you to choose and decide the fate of the sheriff. Through those choices, you will decide his identity. It could be a happy ending or a bad one, but it makes sense. Good and evil, integrity and corruption, where is your direction in this game?


Simple but impressive cartoon design

The game impresses with an intuitive, simple but sophisticated cartoon style. Almost no specific character image appears in the game. Instead, you will manage your police team through their avatar. What you see is the city scene, information about the case, crime, and more. The information is described visually and in detail, making it easy to interact by clicking on the screen. Everything is very simple but authentic, providing an addictive experience.

So, Is This Is the Police Mod your favorite genre? If yes, don’t hesitate to download the game to your phone and play it your way. Get ready to be the sheriff and run the city police station through choices and decisions. This is your chance to experience all the police missions and uncover the dark secrets behind them.

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