This War of Mine Mod APK 1.6.2 (Unlocked DLC)
This War of Mine Mod APK 1.6.2 (Unlocked DLC)

This War of Mine Mod APK 1.6.2 (Unlocked DLC)

By TT - August 5, 2022
Name LMHMOD This War of Mine
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher 11 bit studios
Size 531MB
Version 1.6.2
MOD Features Unlocked DLC
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Update August 5, 2022 (4 months ago )

This War of Mine Mod is a simulation and role-playing game that allows you to immerse yourself in the dark landscape of the wartime world. You will take on the role of managing a group of survivors who are struggling to survive day by day. Your mission is to help as many people survive as long as possible. Through the unique missions allocated in the game, it is up to you to choose how to solve the problem and thereby decide your ending. Along with a unique hand-drawn design style, the catchy soundtrack will immerse you in creative and haunting anecdotes. You will see children, rich people, and anyone suffering the same fate in a senseless war. And you can write your own story there.

Download This War of Mine Mod – Role-playing gameplay set in war

There are many games inspired by war, but This War of Mine is different. It has attracted players of all ages thanks to its in-depth storyline, innovative gameplay, and impressive design style. Join the game, you will really immerse yourself in the darkest days of mankind in a country that is engulfed in a military war. But you do not need to follow the existing plot, but you can develop your own story. You will do that by making choices to solve problems in the journey of survival. And the ultimate goal is to survive, nothing better than that in a situation like this.


Manage the group of survivors

At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to its story. The game will then tell you what to do next. Specifically, you are the leader of a group of farmers who are trying to survive in a besieged city and have the responsibility to help people survive. Your group of farmers includes all sections of society, from children, men, women, old people, and even innocent soldiers. You need a wise strategy to prolong your day-to-day survival here. And your enemies are not only hungry, thirsty, and sick but also snipers outside the hiding area. The longer you survive, the more unique situations you will have the opportunity to discover.

During the day, the gunmen outside will prevent your party from going out. Therefore, the best way is to stay in the hiding area and focus on maintaining and upgrading the facilities here. You can divide the work among everyone to make weapons together, trade for food and resources, take care of the wounded, and do many other things. Meanwhile, as night falls, head out in search of food and vital resources. You need nimble and intrepid people to explore unique locations outside of the hideout and find those important things. Of course, risks are inevitable. And you need to accept that or find a way to fix the problem.


Decide everything by yourself

A special thing about This War of Mine Mod is that it allows you to solve everything by yourself. It doesn’t have a specific storyline for you to follow, but there will be many tutorials to help you approach the game easily. You will have to get used to everything in the game from allocating work to the farmer group to handling risks and more. As a leader, you sometimes have to make life-or-death decisions. And there is no such thing as absolute right and wrong in war. There are only survival decisions, realize that soon.

And with different decisions, each player will have their own story. That can be bad or good depending on your strategy and how wrong you are. But if you make a mistake, you can come back to decide differently. Every time you play, you will gain more experience to better play this game. Thanks to the memoization feature, the game will also help you analyze problems and avoid making the same mistakes. Let’s see how long you will survive.


Hand-drawn graphics and catchy music

Besides the unique storyline and gameplay, the game also impresses with its creative design. It vividly depicts the war scene on a dark and gloomy background with melodious and tragic music. The images of the people are inspired by real people and the events that take place are also from real life and are altered to include in the game. Therefore, everything in this game feels incredibly real and close.

Don’t miss This War of Mine Mod if you are a lover of war themes. There’s nothing better than a complete simulator like this that leaves you free to explore and decide your own ending. Show your leadership to survive as long as possible and protect others. This war story will leave you with many emotions that only wartime people can feel.

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