Tiny Miner Mod APK 1.6.22 (Unlimited Money)
Tiny Miner Mod APK 1.6.22 (Unlimited Money)

Tiny Miner Mod APK 1.6.22 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - December 1, 2022
Name LMHMOD Tiny Miner
Category Adventure
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher qube 3D
Size 28MB
Version 1.6.22
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update December 1, 2022 (4 days ago )

Get ready for your epic adventure in Tiny Miner Mod. The game is a light and fun simulation game that allows you to become a professional miner with dreams of getting rich. You can go on digging trips deep in the earth, where the most valuable resources in the world are stored. You should return when the backpack is full and upgrade your tools to come back and dig more. This journey seems to have no end because the underground world is extremely large and rich. Beneath that thick layer of rock, what will you find? You can work hard digging with your pickaxe or automate the process with a robot. Choose wisely and continuously upgrade to progress and get richer.

Download Tiny Miner Mod – Exploration to dig for gold underground

The game is a test to evaluate your hard work, a miner. It gives you an endless exploration journey in the underground, which contains the resources that humans always aspire to have. You don’t need to compete with anyone, this rich world is for you. But you have to progress over time to feel the bonuses and speed getting better and better. The further you go, the more interesting things you will find. You can even own tons of gold and diamonds if you’re lucky enough to find an area dedicated to them. Use picks and lamps to light up the mysterious underground world and use your own stamina to dig. The result is the wealth this world bestows on you.


Get rich by digger’s hard work

The gameplay of the game is really quite simple and idle. You just control a miner to go underground and mine resources. Starting on the ground, use the ladder to go deeper into the ground and find a way to fill your backpack. You can find stones, artifacts, gems, diamonds, gold coins, and more. But don’t let them attract you for too long. You can’t go too far because you need enough ladders to get back to the ground. When you return, you can store resources in the brothel or sell them for money. Then you should upgrade your tools to get back underground and bring back even more resources.

Your journey seems simple, right? But that’s just the surface of the problem. The deeper you go into the ground, the harder the rock becomes. Moreover, you may encounter crazy traps that can make you explode. Therefore, you must always be vigilant in your every step. And to destroy hard ground, you can’t use a normal pickaxe. You should upgrade your pickaxe or unlock the robot. Small but effective robots will help you shorten the mining progress. Not only can you own one robot, but dozens of them. Send them to explore the nooks and crannies of the earth and lead you to the treasure.


Unlock support items and many new areas

To assist you in your digging journey, Tiny Miner Mod has many cool things in store. You can find ladders to unlock, which help you go deeper in each turn. Besides, you can buy food boosters to upgrade the health and strength of miners. You also need to upgrade your tools and robots to make them work better over time. In addition, a leather bag with a better capacity also helps you hold more resources. Use everything you have to have useful trips every time you return to the underground.

Over time, you will have the opportunity to explore new areas. There, there are mysterious basements for you to explore and there are new precious resources from gold and platinum to rare crystals and diamonds. They are special bonuses that help you double your fortune if you are lucky enough to get them. Your adventure will become richer and richer the further you go. Write your own story, about the places you go, the things you pick up, and the challenges you have to overcome.


Classic and friendly pixel design

Although not possessing a high-end design, this game is still enough to attract you in the long run. It is depicted in a classic pixel style, highlighting the beauty of the dark and damp underground world. Meanwhile, the image of the digger looks petite and adorable. His movements like climbing, walking, and digging… are also hilarious. The game context is nothing special, but it also changes flexibly with your every step. The background music is soft and catchy melodies, helping you relax while exploring.

Overall, Tiny Miner Mod is an idle game well worth a try on your phone. You can find endless exploration inspiration here and riches thanks to the resources within the earth. Earn a lot on your mining trips and spend money to upgrade, unlock and expand the journey to infinity.

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