TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK 1.11 (Unlimited Money)
TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK 1.11 (Unlimited Money)

TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK 1.11 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - July 4, 2022
Name LMHMOD TV Empire Tycoon
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Codigames
Size 122MB
Version 1.11
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 4, 2022 (5 months ago )

If you love TV work, try now TV Empire Tycoon Mod. It is a fun simulation game that allows you to become a famous and rich TV manager. But you will start with a small TV and have to work hard to turn it into the most popular broadcaster center in the world. To do this, you also need hard-working and talented people to take on different jobs. Manage them the way they are, upgrade them to increase productivity, and drive employee satisfaction. Moreover, do not forget to invest in facilities to improve the quality of television programs. Audience size is what you aim for. You need a strategy to attract audiences and bring your TV studio huge profits. Let’s do this now.

Download TV Empire Tycoon Mod – TV empire management simulator

This game brings a breath of fresh air to the mobile idle management theme. Instead of a typical restaurant management game, it is a TV management simulator. Therefore, you are also not a restaurant owner but a manager of a television studio. Your job is to create the best shows to attract audiences and become rich. But the process of building and developing the studio needs to go through many steps and needs to progress over time. Work hard and strategize wisely to achieve your desired profits. There are quite a few things to do every day, but you only need to click on the screen.


Make the hottest TV shows

To be a successful TV manager, you need to be a visionary. To attract audiences, you have to make hot shows of high quality. Think of topics you can cover, from a celebrity cooking show to dating, billionaire talk, beauty, beauty pageants, news, and more. These themes can appeal to all audiences, from children to adults. It is a condition for you to get a large audience paying for your program. What’s more, you can aim for a record audience to score your achievements on the leaderboards.

To ensure the quality of television programs, you must take care of each stage in the implementation process. Every step is important and has a great influence on the result, from logistics, stage design, props preparation, staff hiring, and planning to shoot and video production. You need dedicated staff to cover the different stages. Moreover, you need to be fully equipped with tools and equipment from cameras, tables, chairs, lighting, sound, electrical systems, etc. To boost productivity, upgrading is indispensable. You will have to spend money on upgrades and push things up. So consider spending and revenue to be profitable.


Manage staff and upgrade facilities

A television studio in reality consists of many different departments. Therefore, you also need to hire many employees to do the work in each department in TV Empire Tycoon Mod. Accordingly, you will need office staff, producers, technical assistants, makeup artists, presenters, and guests. Besides, do not ignore hiring security guards and cleaning staff to ensure security and a clean and professional working environment. In addition, to the development stage, you will need more staff at the coffee shops in the studio to satisfy the dining needs of staff and guests.

Over time, both staff and facilities need to be upgraded. You need to hire better performers and fire fewer hard workers. Moreover, use the money to improve their level to improve the speed and quality of work. You also need to spend money to upgrade the equipment in the studio, which improves the quality of the resulting videos and delights your audience. When you reach a certain level, the game also gives you access to many new forms and types of programs to diversify your source of income.


Lovely and close graphics

Not too different from other simulation games of the same type, this game still possesses a simple cartoon design style. But it vividly and in detail depicts each of the different areas of your TV studio, from equipment, machines, and staff to the lines moving back and forth between departments. Thanks to that, you will have the opportunity to witness the full process of working in the studio. Moreover, with the lovely cartoon style, the game feels friendly from the beginning.

So, if you are passionate about the television industry, TV Empire Tycoon Mod will help you visualize it. Explore the game and learn how to become a top manager of popular TV shows. You can work with the technical director, camera crew, guests, and more. Upgrade them and improve their facilities day by day to become a hit TV empire.

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