Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod APK 1.15.801 (Menu, Free Shopping)
Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod APK 1.15.801 (Menu, Free Shopping)

Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod APK 1.15.801 (Menu, Free Shopping)

By TT - April 22, 2022
Name LMHMOD Vampire's Fall: Origins
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Early Morning Studio
Size 131MB
Version 1.15.801
MOD Features Menu, Free Shopping
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Update April 22, 2022 (8 months ago )

Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod will be a place for you to explore and immerse yourself in the dark fantasy world with typical role-playing gameplay. In the role of the chosen one, you must fight against all enemies to protect the kingdom from the forces of dark vampires. But to fight, learn to control your skills through the use of cards. Depending on your race, you can have your own strengths and skills, creating a unique advantage in each match. But fighting is only part, the game will lead you on endless adventures to explore the map, unlock quests and meet and interact with NPCs. A series of interesting details will be revealed from the supporting characters. This is your chance to dive into the game world and learn how to conquer it completely.

Download Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod – Explore the medieval world with many mysteries

Medieval world themes are heavily exploited in mobile games, and Vampire’s Fall: Origins is one of the hottest titles that you can’t miss. It will make you excited with RPG gameplay combined with turn-based combat action style. At the same time, the mission system, context, and enemies in the game are also very rich, enough for you to explore for a long time. However, the most impressive point of the game is probably the graphic style. It is a classic design style, dark but lively, making an important contribution to the presentation of game content. Ancient wars with forces of darkness and monsters return in your experience here. But is it any different from regular games?


Fight against the forces of vampires

Tragedy begins to happen in a classical European kingdom when the king dies but a successor has not yet been chosen. The kingdom gradually became chaotic with contradictions and conflicts that could not be reconciled. And this is the time for the forces of darkness to plot to invade the kingdom, change human history and become the ruler of humans. At the head of this force is an epic vampire, called that WitchMaster. He possesses tremendous power along with a powerful force of minions, promising to wipe out humans from the kingdom and soon take over the reign here.

However, some warriors were chosen to be heroes in this war. You are one of those. Join your warriors to fight the brutal vampire forces, protect the settlements of the people and bring light once more to the kingdom. You will fight through the skills of warriors and a classic driver. Click on the screen to select a weapon, select a target, and observe the effect of the attack. Turn after turn, you must demonstrate a wise attack strategy to finish off your enemies while protecting your HP. Depending on the race you choose, the hero will have its own set of skills, be it sword and shield, magic, or summon. Dig into this information to learn how to take advantage of skills in battle.


Upgrade warrior

Of course, your journey in Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod will become more and more difficult as the enemies get stronger. Whether you play in story mode or PvP, opponents are increasingly upgraded, demanding your constant progress. Add necessary equipment for warriors, such as armor, weapons, and shields, and level up to own a new power threshold. After upgrading, you can improve heroes in many aspects, both attack and defense. It is this comprehensive advancement that will give you the edge to fight and win against your enemies.

However, be aware that each race will need different upgrades. You need to consider the factors of damage, HP, defense, and more to choose the right equipment to help upgrade your warrior. Sometimes you need to focus on defense rather than damage, depending on what strengths and weaknesses your hero possesses.


Classic but realistic 2D graphics

Although only possessing 2D graphics, Vampire’s Fall: Origins still impresses with its realistic design style. The game context is immersed in gloomy, classic colors. Character images are described vividly, accompanied by impressive combat effects. Meanwhile, NPC characters often seem to just standstill. This is characteristic of many classic RPGs, so it’s not necessarily a drawback of the game. The supporting characters will be integrated with dialogue to guide you, helping to lead you to many new places.


If you’re a fan of the classic RPG genre, you’ll probably love Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod. Although not too many new points, this game still has all the elements to make the appeal to the RPG genre and turn-based combat style. So join the game and be a part of the journey to fight evil from the dark. Become a medieval hero, uncover treasures, and immerse yourself in breathtaking 2D battles.

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