Whatcraft Mod APK 54 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Whatcraft Mod APK 54 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Whatcraft Mod APK 54 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By TT - July 12, 2022
Name LMHMOD Whatcraft
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher erow.dev
Size 34MB
Version 54
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 12, 2022 (5 months ago )

Whatcraft Mod is a simple yet addictive action-adventure game. It will challenge your survival talent in an open world full of dangers. You find yourself in a mysterious forest with nothing in hand. You must mine resources and craft weapons and tools to build and fight. Mutant animals or giant bosses are everywhere in the forest. You will have to progress non-stop to survive as long as possible. Do you want to test your survival talent? This is really a good opportunity to try it. There are dozens of weapons, tools, and equipment that you can craft. But how long will they help you survive? The result depends on your strategy and wisdom.

Download Whatcraft Mod – Simple classic survival gameplay

Survival games are no longer strange to the gaming community. But Whatcraft is a breath of fresh air, offering a simple yet highly engaging survival experience. It is an action role-playing game that allows you to design your own experience in a large open world. There, you decide where to go, what to do, and how long to survive. Depending on your strategy, you will be the record survivor in this game or just an unknown. The danger is lurking around you all the time. Only crafting, building and fighting talents will get you through it all. Moreover, the upgrade and progress are the basis for you to go further. Not only survival, but the game is also a place for adventure and discovery.


Crafting, building, and surviving

Full opening the game, you find yourself in a mysterious forest. It makes you feel like you’re going back to prehistoric times. Because you have nothing but your two crafting hands. To survive, you need to walk around looking for resources. You need water and food to quench your thirst. At the same time, you need wood to build shelter, stone, and other metals to craft tools for mining and weapons for combat. Those things are available in the wild, but of course, you need to know how to exploit and collect them. In the process, you may encounter unexpected dangers. It can be monsters, animals, wild animals, and even giant bosses.

So, to survive as long as possible, you need to know many skills. Not only mining and crafting, but you also have to be a warrior to protect your life. Unique weapons like swords, knives, bows, magic wands, and more will help you fight off your enemies. But you need to upgrade them from time to time to gain an advantage against real bosses. To upgrade, you need to collect enough necessary materials. They can be available in the wild or dropped from dead bosses. After you have enough materials, you just need to click “Craft” to immediately own a new weapon. The better the materials, the stronger the weapon.


Unlimited adventure in the open world

The world in Whatcraft Mod is extremely large, covering many different areas and locations. Therefore, your survival journey will last to infinity, as long as you survive as long as possible. You can explore dense forests, snow lands, classic dungeons, and more. Each location has its own ecosystem, offering unique resources to mine and craft. Besides, you will find stunning landscapes in each area. The green of the forest, the white of the snow, and the darkness of the dungeon will all make you fall in love.

In addition, along with the new resources is a new enemy system. Each place has its own unique types of enemies, such as mutant animals in the forest, skeletons, demons in dungeons, and more. Therefore, you need different weapons to fight and survive. Great treasures are also somewhere in the areas you come across. Take time to be adventurous and enjoy something new every day. The adventure time is unlimited and the adventure space is getting richer and richer.


Simple, bright, and fun graphics

With a simple graphic design, the game will appeal to every gamer right from the start. It is designed on 2D graphics with a classic pixel style. Images of characters, animals, and nature are also very friendly and have many different colors. The game context is diverse, including many unique terrain types. The mining and combat effects are also quite lively and the background music is light and playful.

As such, Whatcraft Mod will satisfy you if you are a lover of the classic survival style. Come here and start your unprecedented survival journey. You will mine, craft, fight, and adventure without limits. Do everything you need to survive as long as you can and uncover all the mysteries in the open world here.

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