WinWing2 Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Damage, HP)
WinWing2 Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Damage, HP)

WinWing2 Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Damage, HP)

By TT - November 22, 2022
Name LMHMOD WinWing2
Category Arcade
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher IVYGAMES
Size 130MB
Version 1.0.6
MOD Features Menu, Damage, HP
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Update November 22, 2022 (1 week ago )

WinWing2 Mod is the second part of WinWing – the classic roguelike plane shooter series. This game will bring you back to the old arcade era but with a more modern design. You can find a bunch of new modes and planes to bring into the battlefield here. Not only the usual single mode, but it also has Endless and multiplayer modes. In other words, you will have the opportunity to fight with your friends on an endless journey. To conquer this journey, you need the most luxurious aircraft. Furthermore, unlock over 60 unique skills to progress over time.

Download WinWing2 Mod – Plane shooting gameplay with a new design

If you’ve ever played WinWing or any other fly-shooting game, WinWing2 will be familiar to you. This game is built with the same old gameplay as the classic arcade games. But with new features and new design, it will bring a feeling of experience like never before. In this experience, you will participate in a familiar story. It’s an adventure fighting against alien spaceships. Enemies will become stronger and stronger, making battles more and more interesting and lively.


Join the war with aliens

Different from previous fly shooting games, this title has multiple modes to play online and offline. In it, there are 3 main modes including Arcade, Endless, and Multiplayer mode. In Arcade mode, you will have a level-based battle journey. Your enemies are alien spaceships. They appear with increasing density and strength as the level progresses. Meanwhile, Endless mode is a never-ending journey. You need to progress over time through upgrades to survive as long as you can.

And Multiplayer mode allows you to co-op with friends online. Whatever mode you are in, your job is to conquer the war with your aircraft maneuvering skills and strategy. You can navigate the plane by swiping your hand on the screen. Do it subtly to dodge bullets or approach the target. Besides, when you level up, you will get 3 upgrade options. It could be a new skill or the ability to upgrade stats like HP, strength, and speed. Choose an appropriate upgrade to gain an advantage in the new battle.


Diversified evolution system

WinWing2 Mod brings a system of more than 60 unique skills. Along with that is a series of fighters and enhancement items. With such a diverse collection, the game allows you to customize your strategy in your own way. Specifically, you can unlock new planes with stronger attributes. Or you can expand the skill set for more powerful upgrade options in the fight. In addition, the game also has a variety of items from daily rewards and ranking rewards.

Your job is to choose the best items and equipment to improve the fighter. Equipment such as healing potion, HP supplement, armor, … will give you an extra advantage. In addition, use a variety of skills such as fireball, freezing, phantom (calling new aircraft), and more. These skills will appear after each level during the battle. But you can unlock more skills if you have enough resources. Diamonds are the most important form of resource. You can find them on the map after each fight or from the reward chest.


Unlock many new maps

The battlefield map will change after a certain number of levels. From there, you will have the opportunity to explore many places from fields to deserts, jungles, snow lands, volcanoes, and more. The new context will bring a new feeling to your battle journey. At the same time, many new enemies will appear as you enter new territories. It can be normal machines or giant Bosses. Be mentally ready for any encounter.


2D graphics, vivid sound

This game will impress you with its new design style. It is a modern, sharper, and more realistic 2D design style. The planes and battleships look better from the appearance to the shooting effects. The sound from the skills also makes the battlefield more exciting than ever. In particular, the effects from the explosion, shooting, and fire, … are all spectacular. You will feel the fierceness from the plane shooting wars thanks to it.

Overall, WinWing2 Mod will not let you down. This game takes the classic plane shooting genre to the next level. It brings new modes, new skills, and warriors. Moreover, everything else from the picture to the sound is carefully invested. So, the most exciting plane-shooting battles are waiting for you here. Get ready for the most explosive shooting!

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