X Survive Mod APK 1.736 (Unlimited Money, No Hunger, No Thirst)
X Survive Mod APK 1.736 (Unlimited Money, No Hunger, No Thirst)

X Survive Mod APK 1.736 (Unlimited Money, No Hunger, No Thirst)

By HN - August 15, 2022
Name LMHMOD X Survive: Open World Sandbox
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Free Square Games
Size 159MB
Version 1.736
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Hunger, No Thirst
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 15, 2022 (4 months ago )

Get ready for a survival adventure in the X Survive Mod game. This is an action game that is played in offline mode. Open up a harsh life on planet X. With a habitat covered by sand. To be able to survive on a planet full of dangers and lack of everything. You have no choice but to act. Manually search for leftovers from various areas. At the same time build a safe shelter. Through the collection of materials to proceed with construction. Along with that will have to fight dangerous mobs. They will find a way to kill you and take away all the resources they own. This game is based on an interesting story. More will be learned during the experience.

Download X Survive Mod – Join Astronauts in Survival Adventure

The story of X Survive Mod unfolds on planet X. Revolving around an astronaut piloting a spaceship flying in the vast universe. Unfortunately, there was an accident, and had to land on a mysterious planet, called X. To be able to survive in a new world, different from Earth. Astronauts are forced to put themselves in danger. But after a while of research and discovery. Found a suitable living environment here. At that time, it was decided to gather resources to proceed to build a solid base. Join the game to accompany the astronaut in the adventure. Face extreme challenges to survive. At the same time, aiming to turn this place into a developed city. Through construction activities that take place over time.X Survive Mod

Over 500 building blocks

X Survive Mod game simulates survival life in sci-fi style. With creative free play and free to build according to the imagination. More than 500 different building blocks are provided by the system. Those are the components and elements for you to build houses. More than that is a large city, with modern civilization. Start the quest by collecting simple resources. Then use for crafting to get different building blocks. Observe your surroundings to choose a beautiful location. Lay the groundwork as a starting point for a larger goal. Over time, there were many difficulties in the early stages. The house was built from different scraps. But in the future, new homes will use more advanced materials, like carbon.Game X Survive Mod

Dig sand, make mining equipment

On planet X in the game, X Survive Mod is covered with sand. To be able to collect resources, as well as find building materials. You will have to dig sand to explore, and from there have the opportunity to develop to go further. As soon as you join the game, the system will provide detailed instructions for making. Through a few items collected from the search to unlock the treasure chest. Use them to merge together, and create a miner. It’s a sandblasting gun with a very strong firing force. Can blow sand within a certain range. But the number of shots will be limited, need to be crafted to get more new shots. Besides, there is much other sci-fi equipment to use. The combination will create many types.Tai X Survive Mod

Open gameplay, lots of activities

Based on the gameplay of X Survive Mod simulated on the open planet. You can move freely to explore the environment. Unleash your creativity to build houses, and create a dream city. Or do a lot of other activities to learn about the mysteries. Control the vehicle to move faster, and shorten the time to other locations. Along with that are dangerous challenges that will be faced. In the process of finding resources and collecting materials to build. Sometimes will be attacked by mobs. They are armed and will rush to take everything from you. In addition to running away to make sure life is safe. Can choose to fight against. After destroying will have the opportunity to receive much loot.Download X Survive Mod

Throughout the adventure in X Survive Mod. It is necessary to pay attention to the various indicators of the astronaut. Including blood, physical strength, and water intake. If one of those three factors is exhausted, the character will be affected. The amount of health will decrease gradually after the match when attacked by the mob. Stamina will decrease with time and different actions. For example move to search, fight and perform other operations. Similarly, the amount of water in the body will also decrease. To ensure stable activities, it is necessary to maintain health. Use items to heal.

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